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AMR, On Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 I had my first experience with AMR. My wife was driving me to the ER when unfortunately due to heavy traffic on 80 westbound, I asked my wife to pull over so that I can call 911 to have an ambulance pick me up so we can beat the traffic.

I thought by calling 911 and get emergency help since that's what 911 is for, I could get to the ER quicker for the excruciating pain that I was in. The ambulance arrives and I'm assisted in by two EMT's. I don't recall the driver's name, but I remember the EMT who sat with me in the back, his name was Dan. Dan was cool.

He was doing his best to assist me even though the pain was unbearable, and I wasn't in the correct state of mind to hold a conversation. As the driver of the ambulance begins taking off, I ask Dan if they're going to turn the sirens on to break through traffic that way we can get down to Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley from my pick up location in El Sobrante as fast as possible. Dan replied with a no. Dan went on to explain that the sirens are only used for code blue patients.

So we sat in traffic the whole way down to Berkeley with all of the other morning commuters while my wife followed right behind. The whole purpose of me calling 911 for an ambulance instead of sitting in traffic while my wife drove, was to beat the traffic and get to the hospital as quick as possible. Dan offered me some pain medication which I declined because I'm not into taking any narcotic pain killers. During the ride I was in so much pain that I offered Dan and the driver extra money if they would just turn on the sirens on and rush me in, which Dan declined.

(I respect Dan's refusal to accept my offer because that tells me that Dan was just following protocol, even though it's something I don't agree with) Even though I was experiencing the worse pain of my life, I still managed to tell Dan that this is probably going to cost me a $1,000 or more for an ambulance ride and Dan nodded silently in agreement. That's why I'm very disappointed with AMR. If AMR (EMT's) had explained to me that no sirens or emergency transportation were going to be used to transport me quicker to the hospital, then I would have just stayed in the car with my wife and had her drive me the whole way. We actually would have arrived faster if my wife drove because we waited for the ambulance to pick me up which took some time, and my wife could have taken the side roads off of 80 westbound to beat most of the traffic.

Once we arrived at the hospital Dan had me sign some stuff even though I was in terrible pain and couldn't focus on what I was really signing. That's a great thing for AMR though because you're able to take advantage of patients who are not in the correct state of mind to sign things which probably says that I'll be responsible for the ambulance ride, plus I'll be responsible for any items used during my ride to Alta Bates. I'm sure that I'll pay a premium for the two plastic bags that were given to me for nausea and vomiting. I'm sure that each blood pressure check was probably a good $50-$100 each as well.

I'm not sure if any of you ever experienced kidney stones but that's what I ended up having. I'm greatful for Dan and the other EMT, however I extremely disappointed with AMR. I am connected really well and have a huge network in various industries across the board, including health care and I will absolutely be sure to make my experience with AMR known. Your website says that it's single mission is for caring for people in need.

Sitting here patiently waiting on a hefty bill to arrive from AMR, I can only feel that AMR single mission is not healthcare but health business. Pick up patients and charge them outrageous fees for every thing that a patient is given while being transported and then adding a premium for the ride. I am now going to pay a huge amount of money for a ride when my wife was driving behind the ambulance the whole time. I was watching my wife drive behind us the whole time through the door ambulance door windows.

While doing so I was thinking to myself that I could've just stayed in my own car. Truly disgusting. I hope that this email circulates amongst AMR so that your company can have a company wide meeting to discuss how to better inform people (who have the cognitive ability) what to expect before they step foot in the ambulance that way WE as patients can decide whether or not to go forward with the transportation to the hospital by AMR. Atleast I now know that excruciating pain, and other "non emergency" situations will be treated with non importance by AMR.

I hope another ambulance company comes to fruition that truly has the patients best at heart. Terrible AMR. I'm beyond disappointed. I thought I was the only one that had problems with AMR until I went online to look for an email contact to AMR and came across this link.

Seeing this ensures me that AMR is indeed the representation of what is wrong with the US health care system. It's all health BUSINESS and not health CARE. I also find it strange that you can't contact anyone at AMR corporate directly. The only email addresses available are for the local offices.

Is that because the higher ups in the main corporate office are aware of the shady practices that are going on, so rather than having to manage their own problems, they hide behind the staff that's below them while they just collect money for their own pockets and leave the lower tier employees to handle all of the dirty work? Let's see what my bill states when it arrives so that way I can see how much I owe you scAMR's.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Fraudulent company.

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